Site Analysis and Audit

Site Analytics is analysis, interpretation, collection and measurement of data traffic a web resource to optimize. With the help of analysts the following tasks are being solved:

› find out the extent to which the site complies with the objectives;

› assess the quality / quantity of the involved traffic;

› identify the most efficient / cost-effective sources of traffic;

› define the problem areas of the site;

› determine the potential for conversion optimization.

This procedure leads to an increase in the effectiveness of contextual advertising and search engine promotion.

The audit is a thorough analysis of the site for compliance with the requirements imposed by the search engines with the aim of promotion. In addition, it is estimated the extent to which it is attractive in the eyes of consumers. We carry out the work in the following areas:

› analysis of the technical component of the resource;

› audit of the site structure;

› study of behavioral factors;

› identify competitors, determine their benefits;

› assessor site assessment;

› the recommendations of SEO-copywriting;

› deeper analysis of pages for promotion.

What kind of results to expect:

› optimization of project visibility in terms of search engine robots;

› full indexation of the important pages on your site;

› correction of errors, increase of search traffic;

› Increase positions in Google and Yandex on key demands;

› decrease in the percentage of failures, improved usability;

› formation of strategic steps for further work on resource.

If You see that your site is in need of competent analysts, audit , so contact us. The result will be. We are working with such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and in Europe.