Crowd Marketing

Crowd Marketing is an innovative method designed to stimulate sales of goods of the target audience, brand promotion on the basis of reviews, user recommendations. The main task is to manage such reviews / recommendations to increase the sales. The work is carried out in the following areas:

› monitoring of reviews;

› tracking comments ( blogs );

› monitoring of mentions ( social networks );

› tracking issues on targeted services;

› monitoring of the recommendations of services / products / companies as a hidden marketing.

Crowd Marketing improves the position of the site according to the results of the issuance. It is intended for an audience that is ready to buy, but expects the decisive information which trusts in. Thus, the benefits of Crowd marketing are:

› raising of recognition;

› increase of targeted traffic;

› optimization of the behavioral characteristics of the site;

› the expected sales;

› high visibility in the eyes of search engines;

› strengthening the position in the TOP;

› fast transfer of right information on live venues.

Is it necessary to set the vector of potential audience? We know how to do it.

We are working with such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and in Europe