Website development

Site creation is a complex of professional work of many experts, including information architects, web designers, marketers, programmers, usability engineers, web designers, testers, designers, copywriters, content managers. For successful work of the team on creating a website first of all we have to define the goals:

› what tasks you are planning to solve with it;

› who is the target audience;

› what information to communicate;

› what are the nuances of functionality;

› forms and principles of maintenance, updates, content filling.

The process of creating the site is divided into the following steps:

› functional analysis;

› definition of the audience;

› domain name registration;

› definition of site structure, navigation;

› creation of design;

› imposition layout;

› Integration of the layout;

› filling content;

› testing;

› disclosure;

› hosting;

› Search Engine Optimization.

What is the creation of the site needed for:

› establishing market linkages;

› dissemination of information about the products / services of the company;

› promotion of products / services via the remote display;

› expansion of the target audience;

› increase in growth of sales;

› implementation of two-way communication with customers.

Our team consists of experienced professionals, we have created more than one successful site. Please contact us to increase your business.

We are working with such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and in Europe