SEO promotion

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. The concept of SEO-promotion refers to a certain set of quick actions aimed on the conclusion of the site in the top 10 for selected queries. Most cost-effective method offers favorable ratio between the cost of the transition and the amount of traffic. In addition, it allows you to effectively achieve the growth in site traffic, and as a consequence, its payback. Statistics show that traffic without SEO promotion is only five percent of the possible indicators of the correct approach. You need SEO promotion for the following:

› number of visitors dynamically grows - the traffic;

› the share of the target audience actions increases - conversion;

› bored viewers eliminate;

› supplementary budget for marketing activities reduces due to a gain of up to 85% of organic visitors;

› targeted cost traffic becomes cheaper;

› the successful positions of the product are being fixed by forming a base of loyal customers;

› the number and quality of sales increases;

› feature of recognition is acquired, you become popular.

Only a professional team can provide really effective strategies for your product.

Website optimization

Website optimization involves a set of effective measures, the purpose of which is to raise the position of the product in the eyes of search engines, the issuance of the Top 10 on the given requirements. The point is to implement systematic steps that contribute to the improvement of resources corresponding to the existing requirements of web crawlers. Such areas are separated:

› internal optimization - updating headers, text, marking tags, bringing the content to a unique mind to optimize the density of key phrases and code portion, it includes the correct layout and filling service attributes, compliance of micro markings;

External - reception (paid or free methods) arrives at your site from ranking. External links should be increased gradually to avoid exposure to the filters of search engines due to increased site rankings, which can negatively affect the extradition. Therefore, the minimum period of such a move takes four months of consistent promotion. For newly created sites - from six months.

The expected result is:

› Maximum friendliness by the search engines, as a result , getting the key requests in the top 10;

› Work of professionals can routinely monitor the rotation of the ranking algorithms of robots, which guarantees loyalty on their part to changes in the product;

› Improving the structure of the site - the systematization of links, set up navigation, indexation adjustment;

› increasing the number of external links;

› increasing in popularity - more targeted visitors, increase in permanent recess views.

If you strive to get into the top-10 of issue , please contact us. We are working with such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and in Europe