Drafting T3 for copywriter

Terms of Reference for a copywriter is a specification, which aims to identify the problem, the conditions, the expected result of work and completion date for the author. Brief TOR for copywriter should contain the following information:

› type of Service - copyright, rewrite, SEO;

› theme and purpose of the text;

› definition of the target audience;

› the type of text, style of writing;

› a link to a landing page;

› technical details - volume keywords ( with the definition of accuracy and the number of occurrences, the placement in the text ), the uniqueness, the allowable percentage of nausea, water availability, etc.;

› Individual wishes - the structure of the text, the depth of division into subsections, the availability of lists / tables, banned word / design for using.

Why are detailed drafted terms of reference for a copywriter necessary? Usually the author does not have extrasensory abilities, so to get the text to meet the goals you must bring them to the performer clearly. In addition, violation of TOR points by author can be an objective reason for refusing the work payment.

Making adequate TOR requires certain skills. We have them, please contact us.

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