Drawing up a semantic core

Semantic core is an archive of key words, phrases, morphological forms that best characterize the range of services, products, activities that you are planning to develop on the site. Thus, it is the basis for the formation of a strategy to promote. Selection of target query is performed by means of special services. At the same time the following is taken into account:

› the frequency of key phrases - the number of hits on a particular region request Internet users during the last month;

› competitiveness of key phrases - the number of responses found by search engines to queries on the network, again with geo-reference.

Thus we solve the following problems:

› Conduct market analysis due to visit the leading websites of competitors;

› Creation of the structure of your web resource, the organization of internal communication and the menu;

› optimization of website pages, spammed minimization;

› preparation of technical specifications for copywriters;

› expansion of the boundaries .You can find additional themes for the expansion of the product;

› Creation of anchor needed for optimization in terms of the requirements of search engines.

To avoid errors when compiling the semantic core, please contact an experienced team of professionals.

We are working with such countries as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine and in Europe